Pedagogical theory at Vlietkinderen
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Vlietkinderen’s pedagogical theory

We believe that children must feel safe and secure in order to be able to develop social responsibility and feelings of belonging. Quality child care equips children to take their place in society.

Our focus is on helping each child to achieve their potential. Our teaching staff work to help your child to explore and discover their surroundings on a daily basis. They encourage independence. They aim to give your child as much self-confidence as possible and to be considerate of others, while speaking up for themselves.

What applies to your child also, of course, applies to you and to our employees. People need to feel safe, to be able to trust each other and to have fun together. Our child care – together with your influence – lays the basis for your child's future.

You can read more about our educational standards in the booklet ‘Goed toegerust op ontdekkingsreis’ (in Dutch). 

Pedagogical team

Our pedagogical team give constant support to the pedagogical staff in the form of advice and assistance. They also use Interactive Video Guidance. This intensive support gives our child care workers a greater understanding of the pedagogic aspect of their work and their interaction with your child.

  • Met alle respect
  • Allemaal anders
  • Op weg naar een zelfstandig bestaan
  • De buitenwereld binnen halen
  • Geen angst voor ongebaande paden
  • Kind met andere kinderen