Request a guided tour for our childcare locations

Request a guided tour for our childcare locations

Would you like to experience the atmosphere at one of our childcare locations? Then request a guided tour today. Fill in the form below. We will contact you to schedule an appointment.    

What will you find out?

During the tour, at one of our Vlietkinderen locations, you can ask your questions and get information from us about the pedagogical policy, what a day looks like at the childcare centre and what we think is essential to know playgroups and after-school care. We have made a checklist for all parents, containing questions that are important to ask. View the checklist, download it to your phone or print the checklist.

The ultimate checklist for parents!

At Vlietkinderen we have several locations for children at the age of 0 – 12, in Leidschendam-Voorburg and near The Hague (the area’s Leidschenveen and Binckhorst). We work with both vertical and horizontal groups. Experience yourself how much fun it is at our childcare centre during the tour!

Please read more information about childcare in our brochures

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