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If you are looking for a location for afterschool care, this is often closely related to school choice. Our after-school care locations collaborate with multiple primary schools. Some out-of-school care centers receive children from several primary schools, and other locations are part of a child center where education and care are accessible in one building. Our afterschool care locations are a safe and comfortable place for children between the ages of 4 and 12, with a diverse range of activities geared to the different age groups.

Afterschool care is the place where children experience "a second home" afterschool. A place where they can relax after school day and where they can participate in fun, challenging, and creative activities. A place where the children can have valuable experiences. Nothing is mandatory, and much is allowed at the after-school care. Just chilling out is also okay, and of course, we also offer space and tranquility to work on school homework if necessary.

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The busiest time in a working parent(s) life is often the period around the first to the 4th year of life of their child(ren): work, sports, hobby, your partner, and social relationships. A parent's life can be very busy. This makes it convenient for parents that there are extra options concerning childcare. In addition to the fact that afterschool care offers parents peace and convenience, afterschool care also has many advantages for the child(ren). Children who regularly go to daycare generally have more boyfriends and girlfriends and are usually more independent. Being together with peers promotes social behavior and creativity. Children gain different experiences at daycare than at home and learn to interact with other children and adults without guiding or supporting him or her in this.

At Vlietkinderen, we have different groups. The groups divide according to age. As a result, the activities we organize are more in line, and children will develop in a pleasant environment with peers from which they can learn a lot. We also have a diverse range of activities. Our employees mainly provide the activities, but we also use the expertise of sports, music, culture, dance associations, and clubs. At Vlietkinderen, we are also very involved with various nearby institutions, which means that we are an active part of the neighborhood, neighborhood, or region.

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Would you like more information about our afterschool care locations? Then view one of our brochures. We would also like to refer you to the overview of the childcare rates of Vlietkinderen. If we can welcome you as a customer at Vlietkinderen and your child has been placed at one of our locations, we will always invite you for an intake interview during a first placement. 

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