We make every day a happy one!

We make every day a happy one!

'My son Ralf really likes to go to Vlietkinderen After-School Care Spektakel! Cozy atmosphere and fun activities! '

Tessa van Soest (Mommy of Ralph)

"Always fun when I go to pick up my granddaughter from preschool. It seems like she learns new things every time. Colors, shapes, new words... And since a while she also eats a warm vegetable lunch at the day care center. We didn't have that before!"

Fred de Bruijn (Grandfather of Suzan)

'Vlietkinderen Daycare center Piggelmee is great! Our daughter has always had a great time there, and our son is now going there with great pleasure! A very committed, caring, and friendly team. Keep it up!'

Suzanne Overmeer

"Joep's care at the day care center is going very well now. We are happy with that, because the start was a bit difficult. Joep had to get used to it, but so did we! We are well guided by the PMers, they have been very patient with us. We are grateful for that!"

Tim van Es (Joep's dad)

'Great, Vlietkinderen Konnect! Now I can read what my son was doing at the after-school care in the evening on the couch. It's also nice that you see a new photo pass by almost every working day. This makes me feel even more involved in the shelter. '

Marieke Veldhuis

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