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Are you looking for high-quality, responsible child care? 
If so, choose Vlietkinderen!

We have branches for nursery day care and after-school care (before, during and after school) in Leidschendam-Voorburg and The Hague (Leidschenveen). Near or in primary schools with easy access.

CORONA information

We are closed ->  4 emergency locations open

Vlietkinderen locations are closed with the exception of four Emergency locations that are open to children aged 0 to -12 years, from parents / guardians who work in crucial occupational groups.


The Emergency Locations are only open to parents who work in the crucial professional groups and who have registered with Vlietkinderen * for this Emergency Shelter. Other locations are closed with the exception of pre-school care (VSO).
If you missed the registration option and you work in a crucial professional group, please contact customerservice@vlietkinderen.nl to discuss childcare options.

The emergency reception locations are open during normal opening hours:

- KDV from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm

- After-school care from 12 noon to 6.30 pm (Wednesday) or from 3 pm to 6.30 pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).

- VSO during school weeks from 7.30 am to school start *. The pre-school care (VSO) is at the location where it is always offered.

Schools have a duty of care - unless otherwise stated - they are open to children of parents with crucial professions. Where possible, the school and day care center work together.

The following Emergency Locations are open per region during our regular opening hours:


Child center Leidschendam Prinsenhof | De Waterlelie (0-12)
Prinsenhof 4d
2263 EV Leidschendam
T 070-2005271
T 2 070-2005275
T 3 070-2005278


Nursery Voorburg Midden | Pinkeltje (0-4)
Delflandlaan 4
2273 CS Voorburg
T 070-2005320

Out-of-school care Voorburg Damsigt | Stoer en Robuust(4-12)
Veurselaan 13
2272AP Voorburg
T 070-2005340


Child center Leidschenveen Forepark | De Vuurtoren (0-12)
Cicero path 10
2493 ZK The Hague
T 070-2005256
T 2 070-2005259
T 3 070-2005264

What does this emergency shelter look like?
Actually just like our regular childcare, but for some parents in a different location and with other employees than they are used to. Where possible, we try to deploy the employees of your own location at the Emergency location. Given the small number of children, this will not always work.
Rest assured, your child is in safe hands with us.

Safety before everything!
It goes without saying that we take all the guidelines (RIVM) and precautions very carefully and urgently ask you to do the same. This means that you do not bring children to the Emergency Shelter with complaints such as sniffling or sore throat, or cough and / or fever! If you do, we are forced to refuse you. If a child develops such complaints during the childcare period, we will contact you to pick up your child.


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Customer reviews

Vlietkinderen is much more than just child care!

We are about discovering, developing, playing, growing, learning and experiencing. For us, the word child care doesn’t properly describe what we do. Good child care makes a positive contribution to children’s development at social-emotional, physical, creative and cognitive level. Our staff ensure that all these development areas are addressed every day, in a fun and imperceptible way.

Give your child the chance of good child care at Vlietkinderen!

Deciding to entrust your child to other people is not easy. We understand this very well. But, do you want quality? If so, there’s only one option and that’s provided by Vlietkinderen. We offer you and your child more than just care. More challenges, more continuity, more safety and more educational quality. With us, you and your child experience the space to grow, in every area. You can go to work with an easy mind; your child is in safe hands and that feels good.

At Vlietkinderen, your child gets something extra…

Something you may only be able to identify later on, but which certainly contributes to their healthy development. Our pedagogical staff are given (refresher) training so that they can guarantee the Vlietkinderen pedagogical and other quality. Together with you, we lay the basis for their development. We help your children become social adults. Vlietkinderen child care provides all the aspects of a complete and stimulating upbringing.

Pedagogical quality, careful and responsible

• Our staff regularly receive training, for example on working with babies and early identification of development problems in young children.

• We use Video Interaction Guidance (VIG). This means that our staff are filmed while they work, after which the videos are evaluated. VIG has 
a direct and positive effect on the daily interaction with the children.

• Our staff always focus on the uniqueness of every child. This means: no standard approach, but respect for the individual personality of your child.

Room to grow

Vlietkinderen branches offer a challenging and stimulating play and learning environment, both indoors and outdoors. Special play materials and equipment aimed at the different ages are available.

We feel it is important that children come into contact with many different forms of leisure activities, such as art, sport, culture, technology and music. Our staff guide the children in these activities. In order to ensure a comprehensive range of activities, we also work together with external providers in these fields.

Our day care nurseries work with development programmes like 
Uk & Puk, Puk & Ko, Piramide and the English EarlyBird programme.

We are concerned with everything related to the child

Our list of attention points includes: focus on our environment, creativity, culture, exercise and a healthy diet. More practical matters are also well organised. From breakfast to a hot meal, from sports club to hairdresser: it’s all possible at Vlietkinderen. We don’t transport the children in minibuses, but in our familiar (electric) group trailer bike, the Stint. Safe and sustainable. We work closely with primary schools and ensure a good transition.

Safety first!

• Vlietkinderen selects its staff very carefully.

• Every member of staff obviously has a Certificate of Conduct (VOG).

• Each branch has someone on site with an Emergency Response diploma (BHV) and First Aid for children (EHAK).

Our branches do not provide access to everyone; we work with tags, a security system that only allows access to parents/carers, children (after-school care) and staff.

We apply the ‘four eyes principle’: several staff members are always present in a group.

• Our play equipment is regularly inspected by authorised organisations.

Vlietkinderen, for nursery day care, care before, during and after school and care during study days and school holidays*.

*You can also buy holiday or study day care even if you are not (yet) one of our regular clients.

For contact details and branch addresses, please visit www.vlietkinderen.nl

You are welcome to contact us to arrange a no-obligation tour!