Child center Trampoline is almost open!


Lucas education and Vlietkinderen childcare opened a new Child Center, Trampoline, education, and childcare under one roof. A child center where every child is seen and where an enthusiastic team works on continuous learning/development lines, giving all children a chance for a good start on the way to the future.

In the beautiful green district of Duivenvoorde in the municipal center of Leidschendam, a beautiful new child center has been built, which offers space for a primary school, day, and after-school care and toddler care for children aged 0 to 12 years. All under one roof. A fantastic team works together on the continuous learning/development lines of the children. There is a natural transition from reception to education and vice versa. Of course, parents can also choose to use only the childcare or education in this child center. This remains a free choice.

Our motto: "I've never done it, so I think I can do it..."
(Pippi Longstocking)

The daycare is organized with the familiar quality of Vlietkinderen, the educational part (Trampoline primary school) falls under the Lucas education umbrella organization.

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For childcare, please contact 070 317 59 59 or send an email to

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