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Child center | De Vijverhof

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From this summer Vlietkinderen provides care for this elementary school.

Vlietkinderen offers extracurricular care (4-12 years), preschool / playgroup (2-4 years) and daycare for children 0-4 years.  Our locations are in or in the immediate vicinity of elementary school, we also work at a growing number of locations together with education in child centers where care and education for children 0-12 years under one roof 'live together'. 

We will also realize this together with De Vijverhof. We are pleased that we will soon work together in the new building of the Vijverhof. Together - Really - Adventure, are our core values, we are not only about care, but especially about child development. 


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Opening hours:
Mon-Thu-Fri from 08.30 am to 02.30 pm
Wednesday from 08.30 to 12.30 hrs.

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