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Nursery Pukkie is a household name in Voorburg Noord, every day a party for your child. Playing together, sharing together, learning together! At Pukkie, we work with four vertical groups and a baby group. The ages in the vertical groups vary from 0 to 4 years old. The ages in the baby group range from 0 to 2 years.

What makes vertical groups so nice is that the children can learn from each other just like in a family situation with siblings. There is a homely and friendly atmosphere in our KDV, the group rooms are safely designed so children can play freely. We have a wonderful outdoor area with sand, water and greenery.


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Daisy Veenstra

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Daisy Veenstra

Practical information about this childcare

  • At Pukkie, we work with four vertical groups and a baby group. The ages in the vertical groups range from 0 to 4 years. The ages in the baby group range from 0 to 2 years.  What makes vertical groups so nice is that the children can learn a lot from each other, the youngest learn from the oldest, just like siblings in a family situation. The groups are set up in such a way that your child can choose the toys or play materials themselves.

    The baby group is fully equipped to care for the youngest children, a quiet environment where children feel safe and thrive. 

    Corners have been created in all group areas where the children can play, discover and thus develop freely.

    Communication between parents and pedagogical staff is one of our focal points. We find it very important to maintain personal contact with you every day, for example at drop-off and pick-up times.

    We use a digital parent portal, a Parent App, which we use to keep you informed about the well-being of your child. Themes, activities, group messages and fun photos of the daily activities done at Pukkie come to you via the app. This way you can be informed anytime, anywhere!

  • Nursery

    We provide a safe but challenging play environment for the little ones. We offer a variety of activities, reciting verses together, singing songs, but also crafts, messing about with sand and water and of course reading books. Of course we also play outside every day! We make sure that the parents children at the KDV (3+) are offered a range of activities that are appropriate to their development. 

    We provide everything your little one needs
    We eat fruit and a healthy hot lunch with lots of vegetables together, which is included in our standard care offer. As well as diapers and care products, you don't need to bring these to care, we have everything you need in house. Do you need something else than our standard offer? Please discuss this with the pedagogical professional of the group, or the manager of the location. 

    We use an observation method to monitor the well-being and development of your child. Of course we will keep you informed on a regular basis. Do you have any questions about this? Feel free to ask them! 

  •  We offer (play) materials that connect to your child's world of experience. Our pedagogical staff takes the time to maintain the children's rhythm, as they are used to at home. By closely monitoring your child's well-being every day, we can offer targeted activities. By naming everything, babies are introduced to language and this helps them feel safe.

    Our team is a mixed team of younger and older Pedagogical staff, all with lots of experience and well trained, who do their work with lots of fun and love!

    Outside the normal daily routine, we organize summer, fall, and Christmas parties. We also offer various activities such as yoga, toddler gym, puppet show, 3+ activities (where children who are ready for it get more challenge) and music activities.

    It is important to us that children play outside and we are happy to have a spacious, safe outdoor area. We are prepared for all weather conditions, for example we have hooded boots and umbrellas for the rainy season and a water stream or sandbox for the hot days.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Or even better, come take a look at Kinderdagverblijf Pukkie.

    The rates for daycare at Vlietkinderen can be found here.

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    LRK number: 300242864
    56 places for children

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