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Pinkeltje daycare can accommodate up to 56 children aged 0 to 4 years.
Pinkeltje is a trusted name in the municipality of Voorburg. The nursery has been around for more than 30 years. Children 'from then' now come with their own children. A stable team creates a homely atmosphere. This child center works closely with the adjacent Cascade primary school, Pinkeltje provides care before school for the children of this school.

Pinkeltje is housed in a beautiful sustainable and 'green' building with a wonderful natural outdoor space, where the children can play, discover and ... mess around with sand and water to their heart's content. In wet weather we have practical outdoor trousers that can go over the clothes, so that we can still play outside.

At noon we eat a healthy hot vegetable lunch together. This way the little ones get their daily portion of vitamins. All (bottle) feeding and care of the children is included in our standard rate.


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Roos Jones

manager Kindcentrum a.i.

Roos Jones

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