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Mathijs Albers

Directeur Kindercentrum

Mathijs Albers

Practical information about this childcare

  • What do we do?

    Kindercentrum De Binck is located in De Binckhorst, an innovative and inspiring neighborhood in The Hague. Here we offer integrated education and care for children aged 0-13 years. We believe that children not only learn at school, but develop throughout the entire day! That is why we give all children the skills they need to grow as human beings, on their way to a bright future. 
    Our teachers and educational staff constantly try to support and complement each other, thereby strengthening each other and forming a true team. With our proven educational concept, we ensure that children not only learn from us in the best possible way, but also discover the world in their own way. Thus, they learn from the outside world in the immediate area & beyond, from other people & cultures and, of course, from each other!

  • Types of care

    We offer primary education, day care and after-school care, in the form of a complete day package. Through this collaboration between education and care, we can ensure a smooth transition from day care to primary education, and from primary education to NSO. We believe that this continuous line is very beneficial for children - they have an enjoyable day in a completely familiar environment!

  • Sign up

    If you have any questions, please contact a member of our customer service department at We would like you to mention "De Binck" as the subject. You can register with us using the registration form, after completing this we will contact you as soon as possible. See you soon!

  • Extra

    With our complete daycare offer, we provide carefree days for your child and for you. Fromout our childcare, we make sure your child gets everything they need. For example, our pedagogical professionals provide (bottle) feeding, including a hot vegetable lunch at day care and toddler care and all care products from diapers to sun protection, all for one rate.

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    De Binck

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