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Practical information about this childcare

  • Information about our daycare, BSO and toddler care

    Information about our daycare, BSO and toddler care


    We have a group of 0 to 2 year olds, a group of 0 to 4 year olds and a group of 2 to 4 year olds at the daycare center of Kindcentrum De Waterlelie.

    The groups are set up in such a way that your child can safely choose the toys or play material independently. Special corners have been created in the group rooms where the children can play, discover and develop in complete freedom. We work with themes from Piramide, the method that stimulates development in all areas, and we offer (play) material that connects to your child's experience.

    Our pedagogical staff take the time to maintain your child's rhythm, a bit like they are used to at home. By continuing to monitor the well-being of the child every day, we can offer targeted activities. By using a lot of language and naming everything, babies quickly become acquainted with language and this helps them to feel safe.

    Communication between parents and pedagogical staff is one of our spearheads. We think it is very important to maintain personal contact with you on a daily basis, for example at drop-off and pick-up times. We also use a digital parent portal, with which we regularly keep you informed about the well-being of your child. Themes, activities, digital notebooks and nice photos of the daily activities that are done at the nursery are quickly brought to you via this platform.

    AfterSchool care

    Child center De Waterlelie provides out-of-school care and after-school care for the children of the Springplank. Due to the central location of our location, we also provide after-school (and in-between-school) care for primary schools Springplank, Tandem and Vliethorst. These schools are located within (short) walking distance, so bus or taxi transport is not necessary. The children walk or cycle to the after-school care under the supervision of our Pedagogical staff.

    We often know the children from their time at the nursery, or the playgroup groups that are also part of our child center at this location.

    After school, the children can play outside in the park, on our own playground and in the natural garden. Naturally, we have all kinds of challenging and educational play materials in the permanent group rooms. We also make use of the many facilities in the building, such as the large gym or the playroom. Our well-trained pedagogical staff provide the children with all the guidance they need.

    Toddler care 

    The toddler care of childcentre De Waterlelie is for toddlers between 2 and 4 years old. With a pre-school program (VE) we playfully prepare the children for primary school. In this program we work with themes that match the perception of the growing toddler, for example People, Traffic, or Sick and Healthy. The program stimulates all development areas of the children with an emphasis on language development.

    Childcenter De Waterlelie has four playgroups fot toddlers. Each group has two permanent pedagogical employees who have been specially trained for the VE program. In addition, the groups receive extra support from a group help twice a week.

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    LRK number: 154953933
    28 places for children

    LRK number: 556209096
    10 places for children

    LRK number: 150378051
    44 places for children

    LRK number: 556209096
    30 places for children

  • Schools

    De Springplank

    De Vliethorst

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