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How can I enrol my child(ren)?

You can sign up in two ways: either via the website, or by contacting our customer service department

When can I enrol my child(ren)?

  1. Day care (=KDV) You can register your child for day care from the beginning of the pregnancy.
  2. Extended playgroup care (=VPo) You can register your child for extended playgroup care from the beginning of the pregnancy. Children can begin extended playgroup care from the age of 2. The extended playgroup care is open for 40 school weeks.
  3. Playgroup. (=PSZ) You can register your child for playgroup from the beginning of the pregnancy. Children can begin at playgroup in the Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg from the age of 2 and in the Municipality of The Hague from 2.5 years.
  4. Before- and after-school care. (=NSO) You can register your child for before- and after-school care from the beginning of the pregnancy. Your child’s name will be added to the waiting list on his or her third birthday.
  5. Lunchtime care (=TSO). You can register your child for lunchtime care from 2 months before your child's 4th birthday.


Does Vlietkinderen have a placement policy?

Yes, click here to download a copy (in Dutch).

Can my child be placed in multiple groups/locations?

Yes. Please see the placement policy for more information.

Where am I on the waiting list? Am I getting close?

Unfortunately we can’t tell you exactly where you are on the waiting list, because your position on the list will probably change. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. There are twelve places in each day care group. Ideally, these places are for 3 babies under one year, 3 older babies/toddlers and 6 pre-schoolers.
  2. Priority is usually given to children who have already been placed at a specific location and would like more hours, and to siblings of children who have already been placed.
  3. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are the days which are most in demand. This means that it is sometimes easier to get a place on Wednesdays and/or Fridays.

For these reasons, it may sometimes be the case that some child(ren) may be offered a place earlier than a child who has been on the waiting list for a longer period of time. After-school care follows the same placement policy.

When will I be offered a place?

There is a maximum number of children we can place in each group. The number and age of children in a group is determined by the GGD's national assessment guidelines. We base the number of child care staff on this. The length of time it will take to place your child(ren) will depend on the location where your child is enrolled.

Click here to see the locations where places are available immediately.

What can I do to ensure that my child is placed as soon as possible?

You can do this by enrolling your child at multiple locations.

Can I change location?

If you accept a place at a location that is not your first choice, you can stay on the waiting list for the location of your choice (without losing your place on that waiting list). You will be able to change locations if and when all the days you want are available at the same time at the new location.

Extra care and holiday care

You need holiday care – but still don't have a place at after-school care?

If you are on the waiting list for after-school care but have not yet been offered a place, you can register for holiday care as well. You can enrol your child either via the website or by contacting customer service, no later than six weeks in advance of the required start date.

You need holiday care – and you already have a place at after-school care?

You can request holiday care and extra care days at your location. The usual care days continue on as normal during school holiday periods.

When should I apply for holiday care?

If your child attends after-school care, this includes care during the school holiday periods from 8am to 6pm on the days you normally use. You do not need to request holiday care for those days. If you would like to request extra care days, you can do this at your location.

Holiday care – and you don't need after-school care?

If you only wish to register your child for care during the school holiday periods (and not at any other time), you only need to fill out the holiday care registration form once. After that you can request the days you require via our website or our customer service department, at least six weeks before each holiday period.

Child Care Costs

The amount that you will need to pay for child care depends on which form of child care you choose and on your personal situation. The tax department (Belastingdienst) calculates the amount of child care subsidy payable based on the joint means-tested income (also called aggregate income or taxable income) of both you and your partner (if applicable). It is not calculated based on your gross income. To calculate the subsidy for which you are eligible, go to http://www.belastingdienst.nl/rekenhulpen/toeslagen (in Dutch).

Vlietkinderen requires direct debit in advance for the collection of invoices.


If you use child care services, then at some stage you may have a complaint. It is extremely important to us to know when you are not satisfied, which is why we have a complaints procedure.

What can you do?

  1. Discuss your complaint with the person involved. This is often the simplest way to solve a problem. If you speak directly to the person concerned, it usually results in a rapid solution.
  2. Use the complaints form. Fill out the form with your suggestions, comments and complaints, and post it to us. If you would like us to keep you updated on how we handle your complaint, please include your name and address.
  3. Other options. If you don't want to use either of these methods, you can submit your complaint to the Zuid-Hollandse centrale Klachtencommissie Kinderopvang (ZcKK) (South Holland Central Child Care Complaints Tribunal).

Vlietkinderen is a member of the South Holland Central Child Care Complaints Tribunal, which handles any formal complaints made about our child care services. The ZcKK is an independent part of JSO expertisecentrum voor jeugd, samenleving en opvoeding (JSO Youth, society and education expertise centre). A subcommittee of up to three members will be put together to handle each complaint, based on their specific expertise.

You can find more information about the ZcKK at www.zckk.nl