childcare and corona-virus
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Childcare and the Corona virus (COVID-19)

RIVM has taken measures to combat the corona virus. For example, childcare centers will close from March 16 to April 6. Except for parents who work in the crucial professions. These include parents who work in healthcare, the police or in education. View here an overview of the professions to which it applies.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about childcare measures.

New childcare measures as of March 16, 2020

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has prepared a FAQ following the announcement of new measures to combat the Corona virus this afternoon. Below the questions and answers:

Can my child go to daycare?

Childcare will close until April 6, 2020. In principle, children whose parents work in crucial professional groups can go to their own childcare.

Do you want to entertain children during the corona crisis?
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When do I work in a crucial profession?

View the overview of crucial professions here

What if I work in a crucial profession, but my partner doesn't?

If you can take care of your child at home, the request is to do this. However, even if only one parent works in a crucial professional group, you can still appeal to school or childcare.

My child is obliged to stay at home from March 16, do I still have to pay for childcare? So yes:

  • Pay the invoice for childcare as you always do.
  • Do not make any changes to the Tax and Customs Administration for your childcare allowance, so you will retain your right to childcare and the allowance and it will be paid on.
  • You do not have to report any changes or cancel your childcare.

Do I still have to go to work if my children can no longer go to daycare?

Childcare is only available for children with parents in crucial occupational groups. If you do not belong to these professions, it is urgent advice to work from home until April 6, 2020 if possible.

My child is welcome at school on March 16, but is there also BSO (VSO)?

Your child is welcome at school if you work in a crucial profession. If your child normally uses the VSO / BSO, then your child can in principle go to the VSO / BSO. For your questions we advise you to contact

I work in a crucial profession and my child normally goes to daycare, but now has mild health problems (sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, light cough, increase). Can I still bring my child?

NO, your child is not allowed to go to daycare. If the symptoms worsen, please contact your doctor by telephone.

I do not take care, but I now really need it because of my work in a crucial professional group, can I appeal to Vlietkinderen?

Yes, that's possible. We will discuss the financial consequences for the emergency reception with you at a later (quiet) moment.

To do this, send an email with your name and address details to Please mention Emergency Shelter Crucial Professions. Our employees will then contact you by telephone for further processing of formalities.

Who decides which children are admitted to school and childcare?

If children can be cared for at home, parents are requested to do so. School and childcare are now intended to take care of children of parents who work in crucial professions.

Can I exchange childcare days?

NO, these days that we are closed from a government measure are NOT exchanged.

The start date for the care of my child falls during this period, what to do?

We will move the start date of your childcare to a later time. If you have a profession in the crucial sector, you can contact us, we will discuss with you what to do.
Who is the compensation intended for?

For all parents who normally use childcare and continue to pay their bill in full. This also applies to parents in crucial professions. There are no costs associated with the use of (extra) emergency shelters.

How will the government compensate the parents' personal contribution?

The compensation will be paid to the 3,500 childcare organizations. childcare organizations (day care center, out-of-school care, playgroup and childminder care). They can transfer the overpaid part to the parents, ie the difference between the invoice amount and the childcare allowance received, over the period from 16 March to 6 April. If the situation lasts longer, the government can extend this compensation, for example by a few weeks.

How does the compensation work in practice?

The scheme is currently being further elaborated. Childcare organizations and parents will be informed of this as soon as possible.

To be able to provide the compensation, the childcare organization needs information from the parent, namely how much supplement the parent (s) receive per month. Parents will provide this information to the childcare organization themselves. A form or other solution is being developed for this. This is expected to be available before the end of March and to reach parents through the childcare organization. The childcare organization transfers the amount to the parent after they have received the compensation.

When do parents get the childcare costs back?

Childcare organizations are supposed to repay the parents at the end of April, after they have received the compensation. However, no definite answer has yet been given on this. The scheme will be further elaborated from 23 March by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, the Tax and Customs Administration, the Childcare Industry Association, the Social Childcare Association, BOinK. The details are not yet available, we will inform you as soon as possible. Please also follow the websites of the aforementioned organizations.

Why do parents have to pay first and only then get the money back?

A parent only retains the right to childcare allowance if the invoice is paid and the refund of the personal contribution is linked to the right to childcare allowance. The place is also retained if the parent pays the invoice as usual and the parent can immediately use the childcare again if it opens regularly.

In addition, it is of great importance that childcare is enabled to provide care for children of parents with a crucial profession. Finally, it is necessary to prevent part of childcare from falling over due to the lack of income.

So, in principle, parents do not have to report any changes to the Tax Authorities or discontinue their childcare, unless, for example, their income changes. Then pass this on to the tax authorities.

What should parents do if their income falls sharply due to the Corona crisis, for example if they are self-employed and currently have no income or become unemployed?

When their income changes, parents have to report this to the tax authorities, as they normally would. The childcare allowance is higher with a lower income. Parents will then receive the childcare allowance that matches their current income. The change will take effect on the first day of the following month. Adjustments can be made via the portal of the Tax Authorities.

In the case of unemployment, the right to childcare allowance will continue to exist for up to three months after losing work. Parents who lose their job do not therefore have to immediately take their child (ren) from the childcare center and specify the place at the childcare center.

Will I receive a new invoice?

The scheme will be further developed from March 23. The details are not yet available, we will inform you as soon as possible. You will also be actively informed by your childcare organization or childminder agency. Also follow the website of Branch Organization Childcare, Branch Association Social Childcare, BOinK.

Is the invoice collected normally and when?

The collection of the invoice takes place on the date that the collection always takes place.

The period now mentioned speaks from March 16 to April 6, what will happen after that date?

All measures announced are valid from March 16 to April 6. According to the ministry, extension of the compensation is linked to the other announced measures. In other words: if the childcare remains closed for longer, the compensation scheme may also be extended.

Do I have to share privacy sensitive information to get the personal contribution back?

You must always give your permission for sharing, for example, the amount of the childcare allowance you have received with the childcare organization or other parties. The way in which this will happen will be further elaborated, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Also follow the websites of:

Where can I go for questions?

You can send your questions by email to We are limited by phone.

Childcare organizations and parents can visit . This website contains the most up-to-date information. Childcare organizations can also visit They can also contact their sector organizations. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment is in close contact with sector organizations about the questions that arise with childcare organizations.

What you can do yourself to prevent spreading:

  • Wash your hands with soap regularly and thoroughly
  • Avoid social contacts
  • Keep 1.5 meters away
  • Use tissue paper

What are the symptoms of the virus?

The most common complaints of the virus are runny noses, sore throat, cough, fever and shortness of breath. If you or your child experience these complaints, then you should be sick and contact the doctor immediately if the symptoms get worse.

For more information about corona-virus, visit 

Do you have any further questions about childcare?

Please contact us: