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Between school care, a quiet moment in the day

Everything around the child has our attention. This also applies to lunchtime care. Vlietkinderen offers lunchtime care at various primary schools in Leidschendam-Voorburg and The Hague Leidschenveen. The basis of the lunchtime care offer is a varied range of activities aimed at the points of attention of Vlietkinderen: attention to the environment, creativity, culture, and sports exercise. In addition to the range of activities, there is, of course, also room to have fun together, all children receive the attention they deserve. All of the above, with the aim of optimal development.

Lunchtime care (mid-school) at Vlietkinderen, how do we do that?

The lunctime care (mid-school) van Vlietkinderen is characterized by:

Eating and playing (organized and supervised)
A wide range of activities
Safe and reliable environment
Close cooperation with the primary school
Educational training for employees and volunteers
Lunch convenience (not at all locations)
Clear agreements with parents, carers and the children

You can read an extensive elaboration of the Lunchtime (mid-school) concept in our brochure.

Download our brochure here

How can you apply our lunchtime care?

Vlietkinderen offers three varieties of lunchtime:

  • Regular

    If your child uses the lunchtime care for one or more (fixed) days, an annual subscription is the best choice. You buy a subscription for 1, 2, 3, or 4 fixed days per week. If you have a subscription, your child uses the Lunchtime care on the same day (s) every week. If your child does not use the lunchtime care on his / her fixed day, you can report it to your Lunchtime care coordinator. It is possible to exchange days. You discuss this with the lunchtime care coordinator. There are a few conditions to the exchange, but no costs.

  • Flexible

    Does your child not use the TSO every week, but does it regularly? Then you can opt for flexible TSO by buying 10 stickers. Stickers can be purchased here.

  • Separate purchase

    Does your child rarely use the lunchtime care, and have you not purchased a subscription or stickers? Then you can pay here everything at once.

  • Pricing

    You can find an overview of childcare pricing here.

At the bottom of this page you can find all Vlietkinderen Lunchtime locations. 

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