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The in between school care (TSO) of almost all schools that belong to the management of Panta Rhei located in Leidschendam-Voorburg and The Hague are being executed by TSO-Vlietkinderen. Aswell as a few schools belonging to Lucas education use the services of TSO-Vlietkinderen.

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All our TSO volunteers have a certificate of conduct just like our professional employees do. Vlietkinderen thinks this is important to guarantee quality and trustworthiness where you can rely on.

In between school care: Our possibilities

  1. Subscription: When your kid uses in between school care on one or more standard days, a subription is the best choice. The subscription can be cancelled monthly and is for fixed number of days. With your subscription your child uses the in between school care on the same day(s) every week. Does your child not use the in between school care on a fixed day, then you have to inform the TSO coordinator of your school.
  1. Flexible:Doesn’t your kid use in between school care every week but regularly then u can choose for flexible in between school care. You can buy so called stickers from your TSO coordinator, payment is done by iDeal. Stickers are only sold in sets of 10, they do not have an expiration date and are transferable. 

After your payment has been received, the TSO coordinator gives the stickers to your child so he or she takes them home, for example by putting them in an empty lunchbox. On the day you want to use the in between school care, you stick the sticker next to his/her name on the designated list. Your TSO coordinator informs you on where to find that list. You are able to use our flexible in between school care along with your subscription.  

  1. Single purchase: Does your kid use in between school care but don’t you have a subscription or stickers? Then you are able to pay each time your kid uses it with iDeal

You can enter your kid for our in between school care with this link: TSO Inschrijfformulier

You can find our protocol in between school care here.

On a few select locations Vlietkinderen TSO offers: ‘Lunchcomfort’ you can read more about that service here.  


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